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Agro Ex – Your "sophisticated & experienced"  Agri-Food Business Solution Partner  to assist you to obtain knowledge, develop skills and design a Plan or Road Map for your Sustainable Profits & Future within a Supply Chain of Food Production.

Specializing in Agri-Food Production Products & Technologies, Dairy & Beef BovineGenetics, Production Driven Business Solutions, Marketing Options, Industry Analysis, & Export Delivery for:
  - Satisfying Agri-Food Production End Goals,
  - Food Safety & Product Quality Assurances,
  - Meet changing Climate & Markets with Supply Chain

Agro Ex  Goals  Mission  - working with you to develop Knowledge, Skills, and a well formulated
Plan to meet Your End Goals.

Agro Ex is your Profit Solution Provider!

1. Genetic Selection & Production Technologies  

Dairy Genetics & Production Technolgies > Milk Production & Balanced Longevity
We will assist you in assessing your present Production program and assess your needs with a Solution for immediate improvement and we will ensure a long term working relationship with your operation.

Beef Genetics & Prodiction Technologies> Profitable Meat Production & World Class Hybrid Crossbreeding Systems
The Agro Ex "Maternal Beef Genetics Crossbreeding System" offers our producers different  "Maternal Genetic Production" options; then Terminal end Production options to Maximize Hybrid Vigour !

2. Agro Export Deliverable Consulting Solutions

Industry Analysis - Market Research; understand your Industry opportunities, weaknesses and threats. Click here for info on the Canadian Dairy Industry.
Production Plans - Dairy and Beef Production Methods.  
Business Plans - start ups, or expansion Plans.
Sale Plans  - End delivery of the Products from the Business Plan.
Marketing Plans - Products, Pricing, Places, People & Production make up the Plan.
End Goals > We initially spend time to assist you in understanding your viable End Goals.  We offer you Industry Analysis, Business Plans, Production Plans, and Sales & Marketing Plan options, based upon your current Genetic & Production Technologies, that will satisfy your pre determined End Goals.

3. Cattle & Embryo Export Delivery

Agro Exports in as an Exporter from Canada who will provide delivery for Your Export Porjects.  In the Export business, Agro Exports is bringing to the table the World Leading expertise and alliances with the leading Exporters in North America that can assure delivery and Performance of Export Contracts. Decades of Experience is part of what you will find on the Agro Exports Team !!!! Click here for the Export Project Partners page.